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Workforce Solutions helped Kara land a steady job – now she’s creating her own happy future

Seventeen-year-old Kara works full-time at a Goodwill retail store, is enrolled in Driver’s Ed, and she’s saving for her first car. All very typical things for a teenager to do. But Kara’s family faced homelessness as she was growing up, and she lived at Preble Street’s teen shelter.

While there, Kara connected with Workforce Solutions, a Goodwill program that helped her find an after-school job, pay for clothes to wear to work, bus fees to get there, as well as the fees for Driver’s Ed. Kara says she loves working at Goodwill — a place she’s shopped at her whole life — and gets a kick out of the regulars who she meets every day.

“Everything about this place is amazing,” she says. We think Kara is amazing. Kara is our youngest recipient of the Workforce Client of the Year award.

Watch her story:

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