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You will find vintage clothes, one-of-a-kind items and estate pieces in Goodwill’s eBay store. You can visit our eBay store if you would like to place a bid or purchase a “Buy it Now” item. Please check the site often, as new items are added daily.

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Donate to Goodwill on eBay

Whether you are an eBay seller or shopper, we have made it easy for you to donate to Goodwill. As a seller, you can donate a percentage of your sales to Goodwill and earn a charity ribbon. As a buyer, you can “favorite” Goodwill and donate $1 or more when you checkout using eBay. Please visit our eBay site to learn more.

Goodwill Items on eBay

When purchasing “Buy it Now” items on eBay, combined shipping will be calculated based on all items purchased

Goodwill Anytime

Find a huge selection of vintage video games, music you love, unique books and more. Shop here:

GoodTech, A New Opportunity for Used Electronics

GoodTech Certified means the technology you are purchasing has been tested, refurbished and repaired (if necessary).

We believe purchasing quality electronics, computers and accessories should be accessible and affordable for everyone.

This led us to create GoodTech, a program where our trained staff breathes life back into donated electronics. Donated computers, phones, game systems and peripherals all must pass our strict testing guidelines before being sold in our retail stores or online. Not only does GoodTech keep electronics out of the waste stream, it creates jobs for people in your community by training them in the skills needed to test, repair and recycle all electronics.

It’s always best practice to wipe your information off your devices before donation.

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