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It takes more than skills to get and keep a great job. Goodwill’s Workforce Services recognizes each person’s unique challenges and helps them overcome each one until the participant reaches stability. Through Goodwill NNE’s Job Connection model, each participant is paired with a career advisor and a life navigator (a social worker position), who helps them work through each barrier to success. This Goodwill-designed model has seen unprecedented success in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Goodwill Workforce Services is funded by your Goodwill purchases and financial gifts, including customers who “round up.”

If you are interested in getting free job training for a new, in-demand career that matches your strengths and interests, just fill out the form below and a member of our workforce staff will get in touch very soon:

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Scope of Vocational Services

Hire Trained Employees

Let Us Find Your Next Great Employee

We work with employers to match business needs with screened, motivated and reliable candidates. After the match is made, we offer continued job coaching and support services for your new employees to ensure continued success.  

Our Employee Success stories are a testament to all of the hard-working individuals that found stability and independence through Goodwill’s job training programs. Contact us today at to strengthen your workforce and our communities.

Youth Job Services

Long Creek Employment and Training Program

Long Creek Employment and Training Program provides work-readiness activities, occupational training, employment counseling and job placement services for residents, ages 16-20. The primary service provided is the placement of Long Creek Youth Development Center residents into appropriate community-based employment opportunities in the greater Portland area, which involves assessing work sites for safety and willingness to follow specific rules of working with Long Creek residents, coordinating transportation schedules and troubleshooting issues at work sites.

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