Wiping Cloths

Goodwill Wiping Cloths are made from donations.

Goodwill Wiping Cloths

As part of our goal to reduce waste and build more sustainable communities, we make an effort to use every donation.

When we receive clothing items that are unsuitable for sale, we repurpose them into Goodwill Wiping Cloths, eco-friendly cleaning cloths for at home and in the workplace. These washable, reusable wipes are absorbent, more durable than paper towels, and available in different fabric types (sweatshirt, color t-shirts, white t-shirts, flannel and terry cloth).

Available in 1 pound bags (at stores) and 25 pound boxes (bulk) containing twenty five 1 pound bags. Order online here: https://goodwillwipingcloths.org

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