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After a battle with brain cancer, Meegan regains her abilities with help from Goodwill NeuroRehab in Maine

Meegan was a firefighter and EMT for 26 years before her cancer diagnosis. In 2016 she got sick, and a year later she discovered a tumor had metastasized from her lung to her brain. Metastasis is when a cancer cell breaks away from where it originally formed, travels through the body, and begins growing in a new place.

Meegan had brain surgery to remove the tumor. One year later, Meegan went in for a follow-up scan and they found a second tumor. She got immunotherapy and a second brain surgery. As a result of the surgeries or the tumor, she sustained a brain injury which left her unable to perform a lot of the everyday functions we often take for granted such as going to work, and taking care of herself. That’s when Meegan’s neurologist referred her to Goodwill NeuroRehab services to help recover from her brain injury.

At Goodwill NeuroRehab, Meegan meets with her speech therapist, Martha. Together they set goals, and work on lessons to aid the parts of Meegan’s brain that were injured during her brain surgeries. She’s working to regain as much of her brain’s abilities as possible. Meegan also finds support and motivation from her St. Bernard pup, friends, and family.

“I know that I still have some more to go [with my rehab] but I wouldn’t change a thing the way it is now. It can get better, and I’m very proud of myself … to who I’ve become and how far I’ve gotten”.

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