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People with disabilities have a right to jobs, Trevon is their advocate

Trevon Butler knows what it is like to feel different. As a black man living in central Maine, he knows that feeling of entering a room and people looking at you. It is when you to get that sense that “different” equals “less than.”

Trevon flipped this narrative and uses it as a strength. He uses his voice as a career advisor with Goodwill to help people with disabilities to find employment. He believes people with disabilities are like anyone else and deserve a job if they choose to.  

“After having worked with people with disabilities here at Goodwill, I have a better understanding of this work. It is important to take a chance on people,” he said.

He strives to find inclusive work environments for the people he works with. Many times, it starts with educating businesses on hiring people with disabilities. Sometimes the only “accommodation” needs to be understanding. Often, Goodwill staff can offer on-the-job “job coaches” who help teach a new employee the job. That allows the employee to gain independence and the business to get the support they need with onboarding. In the end, businesses find employees to fill positions and people find jobs that lead to stability.

He believes so strongly in this work, he has recruited several of his friends to get jobs doing what he does – help people find stability through employment.

Trevon Butler meeting with a coworker about about people with disabilities getting jobs
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