$10 million to help Goodwill NNE better serve the community, thanks to MacKenzie Scott

A group of participants in Goodwill's Deaf Services socialize and have fun
A group of participants in Goodwill’s Deaf Services program socialize and have fun

Earlier this year, Goodwill Northern New England was one of three nonprofits in Maine to receive a generous gift from author and philanthropist, MacKenzie Scott.

We are humbled by this investment and belief in our work. Ms. Scott’s gift of $10 million will enable us to invest in our work long-term. We’ve intentionally taken these past several months to consider this unexpected gift’s best use in our mission.  

Recently, we finalized our strategic framework which will guide our work for the upcoming two fiscal years: July 2021 through June 2023. In the strategic framework document, you will find a plan that describes the areas of focus we are committed to as we work to strengthen the basics of our organization:

Build an Employee-First Workplace

Strengthen Our Culture

Address Immediate Systems, Buildings and Departmental Business Needs

Build Our Partnerships

When we are successful at the end of this two-year plan, we will be a healthier, more prepared organization ready for long-term success. This generous gift will fuel this framework.

Working with internal and external stakeholders, we will listen and then use this gift to meet community needs. Through innovation and partnership, we will amplify our work to support those who are on their journey toward stability. This is a key component to Building our Partnerships, and others. 

As our world continues to emerge from the pandemic, and the rapidly-changing world that we share, this gift will serve our organization – and therefore the communities we serve for generations to come. 

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