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“I was at zero, now I’m at eight” – Francisca’s path from shelter to home through Job Connection

Francisca was homeless when she started working at Goodwill. After a fire in her apartment building, she ended up at a shelter. Her manager helped set her up with Goodwill’s Job Connection program, which offered her support and advice. She was promoted to supervisor while still living at the shelter.

Now she’s living in her home in Scarborough, and Goodwill assisted her with furnishing her new place. “Everything in my life – everything – is going well because of Goodwill,” she says. “That’s why I always say, ‘Thank you, Goodwill.'” Thank you, Francisca, for your hard work and amazing spirit!

Francisca is Goodwill’s 2019 Retail Award recipeint. Congrats, Francisca!

Watch her story:

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