Trekkers – Youth Development Fellow – Rockland, Maine

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Start Date: 09/06/2024
End Date: 08/07/2025
Term Date: 09/06/2024 - 08/07/2025 - Note: Start and end dates flexible. Full and part-time opportunities may be available.
Location: Rockland, ME
Focus Area: Outdoor Education, Public Health, Youth

Trekkers is a six-year program that connects young people with caring adults. These relationships help young people grow into resilient, thriving, responsible young adults. A network of deeply committed volunteers helps further strengthen this safety net. Trekkers’ students are statistically more likely to graduate high school and go on to some form of higher education than an average Maine high school student. And throughout all those years, program managers spend time with students where they are, meet with their parents, teachers, coaches, and guidance counselors. These steady, evolving relationships provide a stable structure for cultivating growth and keeping kids on a positive course through the challenging teen years. Below is the journey that each student will take over their six years in our program – and the trips you’ll come along during your service year!

  • Seventh graders new to the program go on an excursion to Acadia National Park to canoe or kayak, rock climb, hike, and camp.
  • Eighth graders travel in the fall and in the summer. Teams learn to make decisions together as they plan trips. For example, we’ve hiked Mt. Osceola in Waterville Valley, and visited renewable energy facilities.
  • In ninth grade, students go on an expedition to explore cities and culture, trekking to places like Washington, DC.
  • Tenth graders explore a new landscape. In past years, students have gone to the Grand Canyon, the Florida Everglades, and Northwest rainforests.
  • Eleventh graders think about their future. They visit colleges or trade schools of interest, explore different career options, as well as goals and strategies for personal well-being.
  • Twelfth graders embark on a five-day wilderness adventure which includes a 36-hour solo. It’s a time of reflection and students celebrate the bonds they’ve made over 6 years.

Goodwill AmeriCorps and the Rural Youth Institute (RYI) are partnering to launch a dynamic, field-based training program for AmeriCorps members passionate about youth development. This initiative leverages RYI’s Aspiration Incubator mentoring model and the Youth Development by Design framework, equipping participants with essential skills to support rural students’ aspirations. Unlike traditional, one-size-fits-all programs, this Fellowship emphasizes personalized strategies and strong relationships through 9 core concepts. Members will engage in Mentoring, Experiential Learning, Social and Emotional Development, and College, Career, and Life Readiness, earning certification in Youth Development by Design. During the year-long Fellowship, members will utilize the knowledge gained from the training to closely collaborate with a cohort of young people in grades 7-12 who need Tier 2 prevention support, fostering engagement through cohort activities and experiential learning, while guiding them in setting and achieving academic and life goals. The program also utilizes the PEAR Clover Model to enhance students’ social and emotional growth. This unique opportunity is perfect for those passionate about a career in youth work—apply now for this exciting experiential training program!



Rockland, ME

Public Health AmeriCorps Youth Development

Public Health AmeriCorps Youth Development members serve youth who have been impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), while building a foundation for youth development and academic engagement in Maine schools and nonprofits.