What is Goodwill Buy The Pound Outlet?

For a truly unique shopping experience – and bargains galore that come and go before your eyes – check out one of Goodwill NNE’s three Goodwill Buy The Pound Outlets.

So what’s a Buy The Pound Outlet?

Located in Williston, VT; Gorham, Maine; and Hudson, NH, these outlets are distinct from retail stores in a few important ways. For starters, there are no clothing racks organized by size or pre-sorted shelves stacked with housewares. Instead, you’ll find large, waist-high blue bins on wheels lined up in rows and piled with donated goods of all kinds.

In one bin you might find anything from a Maine-shaped wall clock to holiday decorations, infinity scarves, and an inflatable unicorn pool toy that appears to have never been used. There are also separate bins for clothing, shoes, glassware, and books.

No need to check for colored barbs or stickers for prices here, either. At Buy The Pound Outlets, you pay by the pound (perhaps the “Buy The Pound Outlet” name gave that away). When you’re ready to check out, your purchase is weighed. If you’ve got a shopping cart full of goods, just roll it up onto the industrial scale. Easy.

With glassware at 20 cents a pound and other goods at about $1-$2 a pound, it’s no wonder shoppers flock here for deals (for context, that translates to about 16 cents for a book). And the selection is literally changing all the time, with bins being swapped in and out nearly every hour, sometimes more often.

You’ll need to do some picking through and turning over to find the treasure that speaks to you. Like shopping at any Goodwill retail store, sometimes it’s best to go in without a plan and see what you find. But there’s value to be had in that time spent sifting.

You might also spot collectors and resellers on the hunt for particular items, like vintage clothes, children’s toys, and hand bags. Between the regularly shifting bins and the motivated regulars, shopping at a Buy The Pound Outlet feels a bit like Black Friday bargain grabbing, except you don’t have to wait outside all night to get in on the deals.

And while the deals are reason enough to swing in, the Buy The Pound Outlets serve another important purpose for Goodwill. They give donated goods one last shot at being reused or repurposed in the most cost-effective and sustainable way: close to home. And all those sales, no matter how small, add up to dollars that help fund Goodwill NNE programs.

Anything that isn’t sold in its short time on the Buy The Pound sales floor is then moved on and either recycled or resold to a buyer, sometimes in another country. For example, shirts and towels are cut into wiping cloths, computer parts are recycled, large and small children’s toys might be sold in bulk.

Whether you’re a savvy reseller or a regular shopper who simply appreciates the thrill of the thrift, a Goodwill Buy The Pound Outlet is worth visiting at least once. Probably many times.

Locations and hours of Goodwill NNE Buy The Pound Outlets

Buy The Pound shopping tips

– Some regular shoppers like to wear gloves while digging into the bins, since their contents can sometimes be a mystery (which is usually a good thing, but just in case, gloves aren’t a bad idea).

– While it does feel like a wonderful free-for-all, there is a bit of protocol at each Buy The Pound Outlet, so stay apprised of when bins are being switched out and you’ll need to step back and wait for employees to move bins into place.

– Be sharp-eyed, be polite. As you’re diligently perusing the goods, other shoppers will be, too. Several of you might move on the same fresh bin all at once. That’s to be expected – and some eager competition is inevitable – but no need to get swept up in the frenzy and start chucking elbows. You can be a top-notch deal-getter AND be polite about it.

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