What does Goodwill do in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont: Workforce, healthcare, other services

Goodwill NNE’s mission is to invest in people who need support to achieve their work and life goals. People like Ronnie who loves giggling and holding hands and Joey who is passionate about karate and green apples. It’s not easy explaining what Goodwill does, because with Homes, Lifeworks, Workforce, NeuroRehab and our other programs, we do so much. We wanted to show you what any given day in one of our programs looks like, because the amazing people we get to meet and help can’t be summed up in a few sentences. We wanted to show you Cindy who loves Wordle, and Alex who competes in the Special Olympics, because these are the people we get to help reach stability everyday thanks to your support.

To learn more, visit our programs page.

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