How to shop at Goodwill’s Buy the Pound Outlets

Shopping at one of Goodwill’s Buy the Pound Outlets is an adventurous thrifter’s dream: It’s a yard sale environment where everything is priced by the pound.  

Our Buy The Pound Outlets get all the items that don’t sell in our stores after our various weekly sales. This is part of our effort to keep things out of landfills. Shoppers can find unique items in the large blue rolling bins and it’s quite a bargain. 

We recently went to the Hudson, New Hampshire Buy the Pound and got two pairs of boots, a pair of jeans, two sweaters and a pair of flowy pants for $27.50. (NOTE: Our outlet prices decreased since the filming of this video, so this thrift haul would cost even less today!)  

Outlet prices — as of the time of publishing — are: 

  • Electronics (corded items), suitcases, and totes (with or without lids): $0.50 per pound 
  • Books, records, and glass items: $0.50 per pound 
  • Textiles: $2 per pound 
  • Shoes: $2 per pound 
  • All other table items: $2 per pound 

The bins rotate at least every 45 minutes, so there’s always new items to look at. Head to the registers once you’ve made your selections. When you roll your shopping cart onto the industrial scale you’ll only pay for the items, because the scale subtracts the weight of the cart.

Whether you’re a savvy reseller or a shopper who appreciates the thrill of the thrift, a Goodwill Buy the Pound Outlet is worth visiting at least once. Probably many times. 

Locations and hours of Goodwill NNE Buy The Pound Outlets 

Goodwill’s Buy the Pound shopping tips 

  • Gloves are a good idea. Some regular shoppers like to wear gloves while digging into the bins, since their contents can sometimes be a mystery (which is usually a good thing). 
  • While it does feel like a wonderful free-for-all, there is a bit of protocol at each Buy the Pound Outlet. Stay aware of the bins being switched. You’ll need to step back and wait for employees to move bins into place.
  • Be sharp-eyed, be polite. As you’re diligently perusing the goods, other shoppers will be, too. Several of you might move on the same fresh bin all at once. Some eager competition is inevitable and expected. But there’s no need to get swept up in the frenzy and start chucking elbows. You can be a top-notch deal-getter AND be polite about it. 
  • Go in with an open mind. Part of what makes the Buy the Pound Outlets such an exciting experience is that you never know what you’re going to find. The less expectations you have for items you want to thrift, the better your experience will be.  

Happy Thrifting! 

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