Goodwill continuing Free Book Friday in January for kids in New Hampshire

A woman stands with two young children in the backpack section of their local Goodwill retail store.

Starting January 5, kids can get one free book at any New Hampshire Goodwill store. “Free Book Fridays” will run every Friday throughout the month of January, and kids must be accompanied by an adult to participate.

As the new year begins, Goodwill wants to offer kids a way to cut down screen time, learn something new or strengthen their reading skills – for free! No purchase is required, but we do ask customers to please bring the selected book to a cashier to get a receipt.* 

“We’re really excited,” said Julie Marcoux, Regional Sales Director at Goodwill NNE. “It’s important to us that kids in our community have the resources they need to grow, and those resources are not always affordable. Our hope is that we can provide those resources to families who need them most and keep our favorite stories from ending up in our local landfills.”

The program was first introduced in October and was a huge success, so it has been brought back.

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*Books can only be selected from the sale color of the week

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