Debra Reynolds bridges the gap between Deaf clients and hearing staff

Debra Reynolds, 2023 employee of the year, is resilient and inclusive as she is kind and joyful. Deb is Deaf and a program manager for Goodwill NNE. She works with Deaf clients who live in Goodwill homes. Her staff are hearing, but most do not know American Sign Language (ASL). But Deb is unstoppable. She has an upbeat attitude. Regardless of communication, she has managed to create amazing relationships with everyone. She is even teaching her staff ASL. They adore her. Deb has amazing energy.

Deb’s way of creative leadership involves community. She knows she cannot do this work alone and by working with the team, she builds a safe environment for the clients and each other. She is full of life and smiles through the hardest of days. She is someone you want to sit and chat with for hours. Deb has a different perspective of what it means to be a leader.

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