McKinney-Vento Outreach Coordinator

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Start Date: 09/06/2024
End Date: 08/07/2025
Term Date: Note: Start and end dates flexible
Location: Westbrook, ME
Focus Area: Age Friendly, Asylum Seeker Support, Community Outreach, Poverty, Public Health, Youth

Westbrook High School

Westbrook schools strive to build an equitable school community where opportunities are accessible to all. Westbrook is a socioeconomically diverse school system with over 20% of students being Multilingual and 56% of students eligible for free and reduced lunch. From this, there are 131 students who have been identified as Mckinney Vento eligible or experiencing homelessness this school year. The Westbrook School Department strives to offer the best education for all and the school takes this seriously – working to meet the needs of each individual student. 

Westbrook has experienced a significant increase in the number of families seeking asylum.  The AmeriCorps member serving with us will assist these families by connecting them to community resources and helping them fully engage in the Westbrook community.  These families are looking for support connecting to medical providers, accessing food resources and navigating the housing crisis.  The AmeriCorps member will primarily work with our multi-lingual families to maintain safe housing and connect with needed resources in the community. The member in this role will be responsible for: 

  • Completing needs assessments with families who are Multilingual and Mckinney-Vento eligible 
  • Connect families with medical resources. 
  • Promote Food Security among families 
  • Complete regular check-ins to help families navigate challenges related to housing 
  • Provide opportunities to build engagement for multilingual families 
  • Provide education around food storage and cleaning in Maine 

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Westbrook High School McKinney-Vento Outreach

Westbrook, ME

Public Health AmeriCorps

Goodwill NNE’s Public Health AmeriCorps program helps build the public health workforce in Maine and New Hampshire. We partner with health centers, substance misuse recovery centers, public schools and other types of agencies meeting public health needs to provide AmeriCorps members. Those members: engage youth in programs to prevent substance misuse; create food security programs, provide vaccination education, create community integration opportunities for people with disabilities, and research and implement public health interventions to meet the pressing public health needs of underserved communities. Members gain strong skills through their experiences and often get hired for professional public health positions immediately upon completion!