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Start Date: 01/12/2024
End Date: 09/05/2024
Term Date: 1/12/24 - 9/5/24 Note: start and end dates may be flexible. Full and part time opportunities available.
Location: Manchester, NH
Focus Area: Youth

Join the vibrant educational community at Kreiva Academy, an innovative urban charter school nestled in Manchester, NH. At Kreiva, we are dedicated to a student-centric philosophy that meets learners exactly where they are in their academic journey.

Our unique approach centers around the project method, creating highly experiential learning opportunities that align with students’ interests and abilities while meeting rigorous standards. Embracing a competency-based education model, Kreiva empowers students to showcase proficiency across disciplines, fostering a proactive approach to managing their own learning journey.

Many of our students come to Kreiva after struggling to find success in traditional public schools, seeking a more personalized and non-traditional approach to education. At Kreiva, we cultivate a welcoming and supportive community, providing an environment where students can unleash their full potential and become the learners they aspire to be.

As an AmeriCorps member at Kreiva Academy, you will play a pivotal role in supporting middle and/or high school students. Your responsibilities will encompass goal setting, academic assistance, and social-emotional support. Here, your personal and professional interests and expertise will be embraced, allowing you to design and lead enrichment courses for small groups of students each trimester. Whether you have a passion for programming, drama, chess, cooking, dance, or other areas, Kreiva encourages you to channel your interests into engaging clubs and activities.

Additional opportunities include classroom support, tutoring, contributing to the Kreiva peer mentor program, and advising the Senior Capstone Project. As an AmeriCorps member, you will actively mentor students, guiding them through their individual educational journeys within Kreiva’s experiential, real-world curriculum and community culture. Your unique strengths and passions will be instrumental in creating a transformative educational experience.

Join us at Kreiva Academy and be part of a team that is reshaping education by fostering a culture of personalized learning, innovation, and community support. Apply now to make a lasting impact on the lives of students and contribute to the evolution of education at Kreiva Academy.

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Kreiva Academy Public Charter School

Manchester, NH

Granite State Education Corps

Granite State Education Corps AmeriCorps members serve youth who have been impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), while building a foundation for youth development and academic engagement in New Hampshire schools and nonprofits.