An Angel’s Wing Recovery Coach

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Start Date: 09/06/2024
End Date: 08/07/2025
Term Date: Note: Start and end dates flexible
Location: Lewiston, ME
Focus Area: Community Outreach, Public Health

Established in 2017 and funded by community donations, An Angel’s Wing thrift store provides treatment scholarships to financially assist people in need of recovery services, essential furniture, personal items, housing items and clothing for individuals and organizations in recovery and/or in need. An Angel’s Wing collaborates with organizations within the State of Maine to secure detox and rehabilitation services. We overcome any individual financial shortfall by providing scholarships for rehabilitation & detoxification placement. This is achieved through donations, events, fundraising, scholarships, or funding from our thrift store. Weekly Nar-anon meetings provide support for family and loved ones who have been affected by an individual’s substance use disorder. We have 3 MARR certified recovery residences located in Maine.

The AmeriCorps member in this position will serve in the recovery homes and will be responsible for assessing client needs and strengths in support of health and recovery. This member will assist clients in navigating systems of care while providing a supportive recovery environment. The member will relay relevant information to other staff of the interdisciplinary team and perform crisis intervention as needed. All members of the team are responsible for ensuring that the environment is safe and welcoming.

A member in this role will:

 • Conduct intake interviews.

• Oversee or help clients with appointment setting and identifying other needs such as, mental health treatment, support meetings, medical appointments, eye care, dental etc.

• Help clients with life management tasks, such as planning and budgeting.

• Observe and document progress.

• Lead one-on-one and group sessions.

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An Angel's Wing

Lewiston, ME

Public Health AmeriCorps

Goodwill NNE’s Public Health AmeriCorps program helps build the public health workforce in Maine and New Hampshire. We partner with health centers, substance misuse recovery centers, public schools and other types of agencies meeting public health needs to provide AmeriCorps members. Those members: engage youth in programs to prevent substance misuse; create food security programs, provide vaccination education, create community integration opportunities for people with disabilities, and research and implement public health interventions to meet the pressing public health needs of underserved communities. Members gain strong skills through their experiences and often get hired for professional public health positions immediately upon completion!